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Even the most cooperative divorces often become heated once the children become involved. Whether you're just starting the divorce process and want to protect your rights as a parent or are arguing with your ex over your time-sharing arrangement, The Law Office Of Robert H. Van Hart can help.

Our child custody attorney in Lakeland, FL can help work toward a resolution. Attorney Van Hart will advocate on your behalf and fight for you and your child's best interests. You can create an agreement with your ex when it comes to the custody of your child while avoiding the emotion and stress of a heated argument.

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We help with all areas of family law

From divorce to adoption, attorney Van Hart can help with any legal issue you and your family might encounter. Choose our child custody and divorce attorney for legal guidance when it comes to...

  • Child support and visitation
  • Property distribution and alimony
  • Adoption and guardianships
  • Common law and civil unions

We'll work to minimize the damage that family problems can cause and help fight for the best possible outcome for your situation. Call our child custody and divorce attorney today.

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