Avoid Complications in the Probate Process

Get help from a probate attorney in Lakeland, FL

You're already going through enough stress and emotion after the loss of a loved one. There's no reason to let probate issues weigh on you, too. At The Law Office Of Robert H. Van Hart in Lakeland, FL, you can get help from an experienced probate attorney. Attorney Van Hart will help you through the probate process so you can avoid making unnecessary mistakes that could result in significant delays.

Make sure your loved one's interests are carried out properly by contacting our probate attorney today.

Write down a plan to protect your interests

You can't predict the future, but you can plan for it. With an estate planning attorney, you can create a list of instructions for how to handle your assets if you're ever incapacitated. Estate planning can include...

  • Designating powers of attorney to make decisions on your behalf
  • Decided how to manage your estate and distribute your assets
  • Making sure your family is properly cared for

Having a plan in place will help reduce the chance of potential conflict between your family members and issues with the court. Draft a legal will today by contacting our estate planning attorney at 863-802-0207.

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